Faq's and Information About Our Program

Grow your business with us by 25% on average with 0$ cost to you   !!

By joining Buying.coms premium promotion  program , since buying.com isn’t like any other food app we encourage our members to drive traffic and expose themselves to new customers to grow Thier business. Unlike Uber and Grubhub we don’t take  anything from the restaurants but by giving us awesome specials we advertise not only our own brand but YOURS ALSO !

Buying.com premium Take a day special 5000$ in advertising monthly   ;

We pin you at 1st place for your day

You remain in the buy 1 Get 1 slider on the app all month You become part of our mass text program We email your special to members Your location is mentioned in our direct mailing pieces to 55000 homes We flyer door to door your restaurant as a premium member is listed on the flyer (in applicable areas)

To join this program we need a Buy 1 Get 1 special but don’t let that worry you , statistics show that consumers generally add 45% more onto the ticket and have a 50% return rate , it’s about getting new people into your doors and growing your customer base , much like groupon except buying.com keeps none of your specials money either.

Common discounts

1. Buy 1 get 1 free ( of the same item ) 2. %off - 20% 30% usually used for a discount off a total order but can be utilized per item I.e buy 1 cheesteak get second 1/2 price 3. Dollar value off 1$ 2$ 3$ etc ...

4. Buy something get something free

Buy a large pizza get 1 order off breadsticks free.


Buying.com is excited to announce, we will be coming to your area Feb 1 2019!

We are a FREE delivery service provider for restaurants and businesses.

Your business has qualified to be part of our program!

We have pre-loaded your menu, take a look!

  • No obligations
  • No additional fees
  • No commission

(If you like the sound of that, take a few minutes to read below.)

Here is a brief overview of how we can benefit you.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Fast Delivery!
  • We provide you with drivers and instant delivery. (No fee to you)
  • Guaranteed quick delivery straight to the customers door.
  • Restaurants do NOT pay a service fee or commission to buying.com.
  • Our service is completely free for restauranteurs.

What makes the competition different?

Delivery services like Grub Hub, Door Dash, Uber Eats and Seamless charge you!

The restaurant is responsible to pay a commission up to 25-30% of earnings monthly!

We think that’s unfair, so Buying.com doesn’t charge you anything!

We add your menu and product line to our platform and we charge a delivery fee to the customer… simple.

Now your business has a chance to save big and make more!

Our Goal:

  • Generate you more business and sales.
  • To help you grow your business while eliminating the need to hire more employees.
  • Provide you with instant delivery services to your customers door.
  • Faster delivery assures the quality of food to be better upon arrival.
  • Hot Boxes to guarantee food is delivered at 135 degrees.
  • Top advertising on our site if you provide promotional specials.


How Do We Do It?

STEP 1: If you don’t provide a delivery service for your restaurant or business now you are now able to provide it without the stress and aggravation of worrying about drivers. If you receive an order at your restaurant or business that needs to be delivered, you would just tell the customer ---- YES WE DELIVER: PLEASE GO TO BUYING.COM AND PLACE YOUR ORDER THERE AND THEY WILL DELIVER IT FOR YOU.

STEP 2: If you have a website now: then you would just put a Delivery Logo on your site and it will forward to your menu on Buying.com. The delivery will be made for you, eliminating all the pressures and worries of the delivery industry.

STEP 3: Use buying.com for delivery during non-peak hours and avoid hiring your own drivers during slow periods.

STEP 4: Payments made weekly to your account for all orders processed. Add extra business and services with no out of pocket expense.

We look forward to working with you!

Kind Regards,

Account Manager
Sydney Cohen